teamwork-labLabFlorida is building its client base on a patient-centered medical home model and, in doing so, we offer the team approach to our clients.

With impending shortage of primary care providers, which will be accelerated by the Obamacare, the access to care will be impacted by the influx of newly insured people. We will need a lot more family physicians, nurses and basic care providers, and the most effective way to provide primary care is in a team setting.

The vast majority of family doctors already have more patients than they can handle. Their capacity to take more patients is going to be very difficult. Florida population is growing and aging much faster than the healthcare system’s ability to provide quality care.

Efficiency of care starts with efficient lab testing, which empowers the treating physician with critical diagnostic data and does not distract other providers from doing their work.

Make LabFlorida part of your team!

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