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Kidney Disease

Sugar Loaded Soda Harms Kidneys

If you have a penchant for drinking sugary sodas, you might be raising your risk for kidney disease, new research suggests.

Employees at a university in Japan who consumed more than two sodas a day were more likely to have protein in their urine when compared to those who had fewer or no sodas on a daily basis. Protein in the urine is considered an early, but reversible, marker of kidney damage.

The new study showed an association between drinking soda and an increased risk of kidney damage, but it didn’t necessarily prove that soda is the culprit.

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Vitamin D Curbs Albuminuria in Kidney Disease

Vitamin D supplementation decreases albuminuria and might slow the progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD), according to Spanish researchers.

“The study suggests that vitamin D repletion with daily mild doses of cholecalciferol may be effective to reduce albuminuria in patients with CKD 3-4 stage, with potential long-term benefits for this population,” Dr. Pablo Molina told Reuters Health by email. “In addition, we observed a modest but significant decline in PTH (parathyroid hormone) levels after cholecalciferol administration.”

In a report online August 24 in Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, Dr. Molina of Hospital Universitario Dr Peset, Valencia, and colleagues note that several observational… Continue reading