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New Challenges for Seniors Enrolling in Medicare

senior couple 300Here you go again: enrollment, renewals. It’s that time of the year when seniors need to figure out how to save on their healthcare costs. It is a lot more challenging this year than ever before.

The first thing all seniors need to remember: they have nothing to do with the marketplace insurance and exchanges. Those are for the younger people. Run away from anybody offering you marketplace healthcare coverage!

Your Medicare is likely to cost you more in 2014 and there are many options to choose from. Read more about Medicare plans, coverage gap, or “doughnut hole”, in Part D and other healthcare fun of the season.

Obamacare and Medicare

Obamacare-MedicareObamacare and You: If You Have Medicare…

If you have Medicare, you will not have to make any changes to your health insurance coverage as a result of Obamacare.  You can continue to rely on Medicare to help pay your hospital, physician and other medical expenses.

You will still have the option to choose between traditional Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan (such as a Medicare HMO) offered in your area, and among Medicare prescription drug plans.  If you are on Medicare, and low income, you may also qualify for extra help with premiums and cost sharing.… Continue reading

The Story of Medicare

Produced by the Kaiser Family Foundation this video highlights the Medicare program’s evolution from its origins to the current day. The seven-minute video also highlights the program’s impact on the 50 million elderly and disabled Americans it serves today, as well as the fiscal challenges it faces to ensure its long-term sustainability.

Physician Compare – Medicare Site Updates

Physician Compare by CMSMedicare added new features to its Physician Compare website on June 27, 2013 as it prepares to start including quality data on thousands of doctors.

The federal health care law requires the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to publish performance data on doctors, including how patients rate them, how well the physicians’ medical interventions succeed and how well they follow clinical guidelines for basic care. The site has been up since 2010, but contained only basic information about doctors and group practices, such as their addresses, specialties and clinical training.

The updated site expands the way people can search… Continue reading